Device Features

CCTV Camera

The integrated CCTV system fortifies public safety through the strategic deployment of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and Dome cameras. These surveillance devices are intricately linked to a central Network Video Recorder (NVR) endowed with ample storage capacity.

This cohesive infrastructure is seamlessly connected to the police command control centre, enabling the utilisation of advanced video analytics for precise event and behaviour detection. This includes sophisticated capabilities such as motion and facial recognition, as well as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Alert Systems Siren & Alarms

The inclusion of sirens and alarms within our system stands as a vital element for public and law enforcement alerts, embracing the essential objectives of preserving lives, safeguarding property, and deterring criminal activities during emergencies. The orchestration of these auditory signals is centrally managed by the police command control centre, initiated seamlessly through the press of the siren button within the control centre. This process activates the auditory alert system embedded within the Jan Rakshak, ensuring a prompt and effective response to critical situations.

Speakers PA System

Our comprehensive public safety speakers proficiently broadcast real-time announcements and emergency alerts, capable of being triggered both manually and automatically. With sophisticated zoning capabilities for targeted communication, this function serves as a powerful tool for law enforcement. In the event of any distress in the vicinity of Jan Rakshak, the police can leverage this feature to swiftly address and manage critical situations.

Digital Display

Utilising electronic screens for the dissemination of crime prevention messages and police outreach is marked by its effectiveness in commanding attention through heightened visibility. The 28-inch display, subject to control by the police command centre, serves as a dynamic platform. Empowering law enforcement authorities to alter images, showcase videos, and convey text messages, this system ensures a nimble and targeted approach to communication.


Emergencies are actively singled by blinking lights, fostering safety awareness and emphasising the crucial importance of vigilance in public spaces. The initiation of these blinkers is strategically directed from the command control centre, tailored to the exigencies of the prevailing circumstances. This guarantees a prompt, responsive, and attentively controlled approach to emergency signalling.

First Aid Kit

Prompt response to injuries is facilitated by immediate access to first aid supplies, leading to significantly enhanced outcomes in cases of severe bleeding, choking, or cardiac events during emergency situations.


AEDs, as portable devices designed to administer an electric shock to the heart during instances of sudden cardiac arrest, hold the potential to save lives. Upon the request to open an AED box, approval from the command control centre is requisite. Once sanctioned, the ambulance is automatically dispatched to the location where the AED has been requested for immediate use. This seamless coordination ensures timely and effective intervention in critical medical scenarios.

Fire Extinguisher

A singular fire extinguisher is provisioned for extinguishing fires in proximity to the Jan Rakshak, providing essential assistance to citizens in case of fire incidents. Upon a citizen's utilisation of the fire extinguisher, the incident's location is automatically transmitted to the Fire Department Center. This streamlined process ensures immediate awareness and facilitates the swift dispatch of fire response teams to the precise location, optimising the efficiency of emergency interventions.