Law Enforcement Integration

The initial button, denoted as 100, is expressly allocated to law enforcement endeavours. When activated, it engenders a prompt and fluid communication interface with the law enforcement control centre, thereby catalysing an immediate and seamless exchange of crucial information.

Fire Brigade Allocation

The secondary button, designated as 101, is strategically earmarked for fire brigade deployment. Upon activation, it initiates a swift and direct linkage with the fire brigade control centre. This focused interface expedites response times by providing the fire brigade with immediate access to precise incident information. The precision inherent in this button underscores its pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency of firefighting operations.

Ambulance Services Designation

The third button, identified as 108, is exclusively designated for ambulance services. Activation of this button engenders an expeditious communication link with the medical control centre. This dedicated communication pathway promptly conveys accurate information to medical teams, facilitating swift and efficient emergency medical responses. The streamlined nature of this communication process markedly contributes to enhanced outcomes in critical situations.

Upon the initiation of any of these buttons, JAN RAKSHAK orchestrates a symphony of efficiency, fostering rapid and well-informed responses. The essence of this design lies in its ability to swiftly and accurately communicate critical details to the corresponding control centres, thereby fortifying the foundation of an agile and effective emergency response mechanism.

Beyond its fundamental responsive capabilities, JAN RAKSHAK is distinguished by an array of sophisticated features, each meticulously curated to augment its role in crisis management. These advanced functionalities collectively position it as a multifaceted and indispensable asset in the realm of emergency services.